collaboration works

Textile Designer : 三村養蜂場の

Photographer : 大瀧央子 Eiko Otaki

Model : Kyoko Tanaka

solo show "sky full of flowers" GALLERY echo-an,  Tokyo ギャラリー枝香庵

solo show "あのころ あの場所で Then and There" SAN-AI Gallery +comtenporary art, Tokyo

solo show "suuny place" Hideharu Fukasaku Gallery Roppongi, Roppongi Tokyo

two artists show "燃え滾る溶岩と太古の森 Blazing Lava and Ancient Woodland" ekoan Flat Gallery ,Ginza Tokyo. 枝香庵Flat 東京

photo © Akihiko Iimura

group show "No Boundaries International Art Colony" CFCC's Wilma Daniels Gallery, Wilmington NC USA

solo show 2017 "small talk"  The Art Complex Center in Tokyo, Tokyo Japan

solo show 2017 "conversation" gallery, Yokohama Japan

solo show 2016 "everglow" Hideharu Fukasaku Gallery Roppongi, Tokyo

solo show 2016 "affectionate time やさしい時間” Gallery Yoh, Toyama

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lives and works in Tokyo.